Desire to Feel Better? I’d be honored to support you in doing everything that makes you come alive.

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What can you expect from my coaching sessions?

I will join you on the journey of deep inner work and I will meet you with warmth, compassion and responsiveness - my goal as your coach is to gently guide you and see you grow from this experience. I will support you throughout the entire process with highly personalized tools and tips to navigate your inner struggles and blockages. 

Your healing journey is as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why in my coaching practice I use my own proprietary method which includes:⁣

➊ ➙ Mind - Body - Soul - Environment

➋ ➙ Trauma Awareness⁣

➌ ➙ Intuition ⁣

When you decide to grab my hand, I want you to know that I will show up for you and not be just a hired coach. I will be a soul partner on this journey you are on, a fellow warrior of transformation alongside you.

That’s the best part of the work I do: alchemy takes place when you show up with stubborn dedication towards growth and resilience - so powerful!

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“Ana Maria is beyond insightful and compassionate. I’ve worked with many healers over the course of my life and ana maria is exceptional. i was in the muck and became empowered after working with her. I also released and shifted what I was clinginng on to as well. thank you so much.”

- Laura

My experience with Ana has taken me to a new, wholistic level of healing that I didn't realize was even available to me. Her approach focuses on honoring and respecting were you are, and is one of the most energetically intuitive people I have ever met, and feel that she can actually 'read' what I'm feeling and thinking. She is professional, venerable and compassionate. To say that she is changing my life is an understatement, and I am so grateful for her presence in my life!


“I feel compelled to tell you that you have a very special gift. I have worked with healers and life coaches since I was in my early 20’s…there are only 3 people who I would put in this category and you are one of them. “

- tiffany

“she is truly a gift. We had a 1:1 session and she is so compassionate, so deep. I felt energetically seen, heard, and cared for in a very safe way. This is the deepest I’ve been able to go with someone and it’s helped me immensly. We uncovered so many deep truths and patterns”

- Bailey

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Hand in hand, we got this!

* 5% of proceeds will be donated to Together Rising, the organization that inspired me to start coaching. Your healing journey with me will create a ripple effect of more healing for others. 

If you have any questions and would like to connect and chat, I'd be more than happy to! You can contact me through my social media  links provided below. 

XO, Hand in hand we got this!

Ana Maria